In the beginning you were aware.

There was nothing yet to be aware of. No space. No time. No matter. Nothing happening, nothing changing.

Just a thought: “I am”

A thought that existed in a void of nothingness. A void simultaneously empty and infinitely full of potential energy. The potential to manifest anything that you could conceive.

You thought “I wonder if there is anything other than oneness?”

And in doing so you manifested a separation. The big bang, an explosion of energy and matter, separating from oneness, creating space and time so you could experience all the separate pieces.

You wanted to experience the un-manifested possibilities from the field, made manifest.

You wanted to experience life as separate from death. Love as separate from fear. Masculine as separate from feminine. Light as separate from dark. Something as separate from nothing.

By experiencing these polarities you gain a deeper understanding of the un-manifested field of possibility. You gain a deeper understanding of yourself.

You are the manifestor, the manifested, the manifesting, and the one who is aware of it all.