This is not a blog, it’s a digital garden - a graph of notes connected to each other in a network. In fact you can see a visualization of the graph by clicking on Graph Overview in the menu!

What’s a Digital Garden?

Unlike a blog which contains fully formed articles published in chronological order, a digital garden contains evergreen notes in various stages of growth1. Seedlings, saplings, and one day large Sequoia trees. Notes are permanent placeholders for a particular topic or idea and I will update them as my thinking evolves.

Why do this? The process of writing helps clarify my thinking. Sharing my evolving thoughts in public adds an extra sting of sharpness - I can’t be lazy with my thinking when I know others are watching. And more importantly when others contribute to or challenge my thoughts we can all grow together.

How Do I Keep Up With Changes?

Each note has a timestamp showing when it was last updated. That’s really hard to track though, so I also have a newsletter where I occasionally send out a batch of notes I’ve been working on recently. If that sounds interesting I’d love to have you subscribe (see below).

I also share regularly on twitter, sometimes even seeds that aren’t ready to be planted in this garden.

  1. For those interested, I use Roam Research to write and store all my private my notes. I’ve designated a subset of those notes as public. I have code set up that automatically publishes any changes to those notes to this website once per hour. My goal is to remove friction so I can spend all my time thinking and writing in Roam, and I don’t have to think about “publishing”. Thanks to MatthieuBizien and Maxime Vailancourt for the foundations of this code.